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24 Sep Winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novella. Charles Stross's “Equoid” is a new story in his ongoing “Laundry” series of Lovecraftian secret-agent bureaucratic dark comedies, which has now grown to encompass four novels and several works of short fiction. “The Laundry” is the code name for the. Stross--equoid. Equoid short. The "Laundry" is Britain's super-secret agency devoted to protecting the realm from the supernatural horrors that menace it. Now Bob Howard, Laundry agent, must travel to the quiet English countryside to deal with an outbreak of one of the worst horrors imaginable. For, as it turns out, unicorns. Equoid has ratings and reviews. Bradley said: Re-read 2/23/As good as the first time, or perhaps better. And even when I know what's coming.

26 Sep By Charlie Stross. So, some of you are probably wondering how a novella like Equoid gets written. Here's how: A man walks into a bar. Actually, two men walk into a hotel bar in downtown Denver, during the world science fiction convention. Charlie Stross is sitting in the bar, nursing a beer between events. : Equoid: A Laundry novella: A Original (Laundry Files Book 9) eBook: Charles Stross: Kindle Store. Equoid: a Laundry Novella (Laundry Files) [Charles Stross] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For Bob Howard, a working day tends to alternate between desperately trying not to fall asleep in committee meetings and being menaced by tentacular horrors from beyond spacetime. That's because Bob.

24 Sep Charlie Stross and have published Equoid, a new short story set in his wonderful Laundry universe, in which British secret agents battle Lovecraftian horrors with computational magic, and Bob must keep the computers running. “ Bob! Are you busy right now? I'd like a moment of your time.” Those. “Stross's Hugo-nominated Laundry Files novella, first published in in , is an entertaining mash-up of Lovecraftian mythology and an extremely twisted take on a fantasy trope Laundry Files fans accustomed to more action- oriented spy riffs might be a little disturbed by the horror elements, but if they can . 16 Feb Equoid by Charles Stross. Equoid is a novella set in Charles Stross' LAUNDRY FILES world. It isn't necessary to have read any of the LAUNDRY FILES novels, but you'd probably get a little more out of Equoid if you first read at least the first two novels, The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue.


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