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Delay reducer 1.24b

26 Aug TFTLocal is a working auto-refresher/custom kick for b (among about 30 other things). Download Link Type commands in-game to use; Auto-refresher: / refresh (Refresh. 21 Feb Warcraft III Delay Reducer Ver. dr what is w3dr? DR is a hosting tool for Warcarft III written by Phoenicks. ForNow Updated Verison is dr Original Site to download: Before that Site that develop w3dr: You can download updated. VCK has a Delay Reducer and I posted the update in the Tools section that works with

Delay Reducer (will be finished on v26). Custom Cam Distance Hack b = xxxx c = xxxx d = xxxx e = xxxx. 3. - Alt- Tab to your GarenaMaster and click "Warcraft 3" and your patch version. 4. Note: this function can only be used by users of e, b, c or d patch. 1. 18 Sep Karena Launcher b mempunyai Default Latency ms (Seperti Auto Delay Reducer), maka tidak tertutup kemungkinan akan terjadi lag pada saat host game bagi yang memiliki upload speed sekitar 90 - kbps. Untuk mengatur latency ini, silahkan ikuti langkah di bawah. Masuk ke folder Warcraft. Warcraft Version Switcher for Warcraft Patch b, e, d, c, b, a, a. Warcraft Version Switcher - This is a tool that allows you to switch between different versions of Warcraft 3. Just select the version, and it'll take care of the rest. It can also do a few other things but those are out of context. With the.

Spoiler: DelayReducer. DelayReducer reduces delays in DotA and other games. Use is similar to NameSpoofer. 1 - Open Garena and GarenaMaster b = xxxx. c = xxxx. d = xxxx. e = xxxx. 3. - Alt- Tab to your GarenaMaster and click "W3X" and your patch. This garena universal maphack supports warcraft v1. Warcraft iii frozen throne 1. Warcraft patch version switcher 1. Set your warcraft 3 path from the top. Added support for 1. Warcraft 3 garena garenamast3r tut on how to use it updated youtube. Warcraft 3 dr delay reducer for warcarft iii. Warcraft 3 styler wc3 styler. According to Sheppard, it is now unsafe to use a maphack anywhere on battle. net if its offsets are detected. Enabling a hack in a channel or in a custom game will get you banned. As of August 11, , Warden is enabled again on Be careful. Detected hacks: D3Scene Maphack - TFTLocal - Dauberbird's.


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